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Painting with Jody

The Joy of Painting Birds and Upcoming Signing Events!

Hello Bergsma Friends! Welcome to another blog…this week we will paint a Hummingbird, which is one of my favorite subjects!I hope you enjoy the simple art secrets that I will share. But first some Bergsma dates for you.I will be available for signing at these upcoming events.October 6th, Grand Opening of a new Gallery in […]


How to Paint a Wolf in the Snow…Great fall Sale 50% prints!

 Dear Bergsma Friends, I hope all of you had a fantastic summer. I certainly did!My dream of going to France with my daughter Sky materialized and we drove 2000 KM through back roads from Barcelona to Carcasson and onto the Castles of the Loire River and finally Versailles near Paris. What a fantastic moment in […]


” New Wolf, Hummingbirds, and Owls; How to Draw Them Using Geometry”… and the Seattle Gift Show!

Dear Friends… Welcome to another ART CLASS! First some BERGSMA NEWS.This next week, August 8-14 is the SEATTLE GIFT SHOW>For my business partners ( this is a wholesale trade show) I will have all of the new images, some new products and a great show special for you.I will be at the “The Busch and […]

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“How to Paint a Leopard Horse and Title Challenge!”

Hello Bergsma Friends! Today we are going to paint spotted horses!I have been a “horse lover” since childhood and recreating them in art was my passion.I was often scolded by my teachers for drawing in class!This early addiction was how I began my career. If you have a child with a passion encourage them to […]


For the Love of Kitties, How to Paint a Cat…And 1/2 Off Online Sale till the 8th!

Dear Friends, Welcome to another Blog…But first Bergsma News.We are having a great sale online at till the 8th…AND… I am leaving for the Atlanta Gift show on Monday the 9th…I would love to see some of you there!Email me at for details.( July 9-15) Now…ART CLASS; For the love of cats. Lets […]

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“Snow Queen”, new art and How to Paint a Snow Leopard!

Dear Friends… I had the privilege to visit the beautiful snow leopards at the Woodland Park Zoo earlier this year.These stunning animals are endangered and facilities like this zoo are working to help preserve them. Helen is the big cat that is featured in this art lesson…several people asked, “Why the name Helen”?She was named […]

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Painting Red, Tulips, New Frog Video and 1/2 off Print Sale for May

Dear Friends, Welcome to another ART Lesson! First some N.W. news. The tulips are out in Skagit County and if you have the time to go to a valley near you where tulips are grown, now is the season!   Tulip Tip…Go early to avoid traffic! Bergsma News…We are having a 1/2 off PRINT SALE on line […]

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Get the Most Out of your Watercolors and a Visit to The Oregon Coast.

Dear Friends,Welcome to another watercolor class:)You might want to check out the website for the LAST WEEK of the February sale by clicking the Green “Shop Bergsma” button on the right! Recently I was in LA and took time to visit the Getty museum to re-look at 12th century illustrations and Van Gogh’s Iris.Refilling the […]

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Spring Fever…How to Paint Tulips and Happy Valentines!

Dear Friends and Art Class… This week I will show you some new tips for painting petals!First we will prepare the colors. I very useful color for purple flowers is Quinacridone Violet. You can mix it with Windsor Purple to create a cool  blue purple or leave it pure for a red purple. this color […]

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Part One…Painting Tulips…and Valentine Sale! Snuggle Up.

Dear Painters and Friends, Welcome to February, the month we celebrate love!Snuggle up with your SWEETIE…We have a special sale for you on our website, and Pillows 1/2 off. WOW! 1/4 off framed art.One of the ways I love to bring spring into my home is to bring on the tulips.Get some of these […]

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