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When Summer Ends…Dont Forget Our Hummingbird Friends!

 Dear Friends and Painters, Fall is upon us…These rainy days are the time to take out your paints and ignite your inner summer! In this lesson we will talk about Hummingbirds. First lets  research and create a good drawing. You are welcome to use any  sketches of mine or create your own from the many […]

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Finding and Painting Frogs…Tip-Toe through the Tulips with Me. Signing!

Hello Friends and Associates, Today we will talk about little green friends…But First a short Bergsma Announcement.I will be signing in Bellevue Washington 11:00-3:30 Saturday the 10th of May at…Exclusively Art, Factoria Mall #B-2 . Come see THE NEW ART!The Second Edition ARTBOOK is coming with all new drawings.Now for Frogs!If you listen at night […]

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Spring is a Time for New Beginnings! Tulips, Hummingbirds and Frogs

Dear Friends… The beginning of Spring is a great time to start a project or hobby you’ve dreamed of trying!Learning to paint or  picking up some good tips to challenge your skills just might be the perfect thing. Spring birds are a good choice. They are colorful and fresh…Lets review some tips for creating them!…And […]

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Painting Oils on Red…And the Chrismas show is Here! Dec. 5th – 7th.

 Dear Friends and Painters, For those of you that find art a mystery…here is something in the oil painting world that is an artists secret. Paint on a pre-colored canvas using bright colors for your base. I had noticed when visiting other oil studios that often canvases were pre-painted with a single hue. Please join […]

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New Watercolors and Oils By Jody, Yearly Event and SALE! December 5-7.

Dear Friends and Associates, I am continually delighted by our natural world and even more delighted to paint it. My mother loved this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson …“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God’s handwriting in the world…”   Here are a few things I found worthy to […]

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Painting for the Holidays… “Owl Be Home for Christmas”!

 Hello Owl Lovers and Painters! Every Fall I commit to painting a new Bergsma Christmas Print and Holiday card. This year I choose to paint Snow Owls dressed in Holiday Garb. This lesson can easily be applied to painting snowmen as well.Here are a few Watercolor tips to get you started. This is easy and […]

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You Can Make a Splash in Your Own Life…The Secrets of Being Inventive.

Dear Friends and Painters and ARTISTS, Taking risks, learning new things, or doing something you’ve never done before is a sure recipe for creating excitement in life.We all want to be safe, no one likes to fail, but if nothing new is ever tried or experienced life is likely to get boring. Who is willing […]

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“How to Paint a Freisian Horse” and A Signing in Seattle on the 11th for MOM’s Day!

Hello Friends and Painters, Lets look this week into the details of “How to Paint a Horse.”They are beautiful subjects and I never tire of researching and painting them.For this composition I studied Arabian and Freisian horses. I invite you to follow along in the blog by copying the drawingof these two horses and painting […]

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Dragonflies…How to Paint Them and What They Signify! A New Art Class By Jody Bergsma

Dear Painters and Friends! This weeks blog on the new dragonfly painting has some fun information about the “Meaning of the Dragonfly.” Also we will be exploring new techniques for creating iridescence with watercolor. Note…The drawing of the dragonfly is included in the lesson and you are welcome to print it out and transfer it […]

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New Bergsma’s and “Art Tips” to Help You Draw!… February 50 % Print Sale.

Dear Friends… Spring is a great time for all of us to design new projects. The energy of the ‘Season of Growth” will support you in your efforts.That is why I use Spring to create new drawings. But before this lesson an announcement.The Website is finally back up and we are celebrating with a 50% Bergsma […]

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