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Finding and Painting Frogs…Tip-Toe through the Tulips with Me. Signing!

Hello Friends and Associates,

Today we will talk about little green friends…
But First a short Bergsma Announcement.
I will be signing in Bellevue Washington 11:00-3:30 Saturday the 10th of May at…
Exclusively Art, Factoria Mall #B-2 . Come see THE NEW ART!
The Second Edition ARTBOOK is coming with all new drawings.
Now for Frogs!
If you listen at night they have started to sing a joyful chorus welcoming the warmer weather.
Frogs have been a favorite of mine since youth and finding one is still a cause for slippery delight.

These little green singers have become a symbol of our troubled world eco systems so finding many varieties in the N.W. makes me hopeful and excited.

Here are some tips on how to paint a frog and how to find one.;)

photo 1

Go to any pond and slowly walk the edge…they will hop right in front of you.

photo 2

Then get him to pose for you, or if that is just a bit to slimy…find some good online frog photos to work from!
You are also welcome to copy the Drawing from the New Artbook and transfer any details to your own watercolor paper. (See the end of the blog)


Art Tip…
Draw your frog large enough to really see the details while you work.
Separate the shapes into interesting and easy to paint sections.


To obtain correct color and texture ;) … A live model is best!
You will see how un-green frogs can be.
The tummy is a pale beige-grey with yellow and pink hints. The feet are often golden beige.


Adding a little Burnt Sienna and pink to the toes bring warmth and character.


Keep your washes crisp by letting each section dry before you paint next to it.


Paint your darks last…that way the edges will stay sharp.

Now for a walk through the tulip fields.
First I painted all of the greens and grey blues… not really knowing what I would do for the tulip colors.
I posted this unfinished work on FACEBOOK and asked my friends for advice. The majority wanted reds and purples.
What would you have done?

photo 5

I mixed several colors on my pallet and looked up tulip photos for inspiration.
Art Tip…Get the Paint out!

photo 1 copy

The parrot tulip is Stunning and offers allot of color variety in one flower. I like that!



Oh no…I put my painting on the floor and turned my back for just a moment to clean my water…

photo 2 copy

I now know how the cat hair has been getting on my work!

 photo 3

When you watercolor, lint and pet hair can be very frustrating when they get mixed up in the wash.
Warning…Do not wear black wool or cashmere while watercoloring! Do not let pets sit on your painting! lol
Lint and hair are easily removed with a lint roller but watch the roller edge.
If the roll is low and the edge cuts into the paper you can mark your paper.

photo 5 copy 2

While painting the tulips just use your best judgement for where to place the colors.
It is a challenge to get saturated watercolor reds. By it’s nature watercolor likes to be pastel.
Keep lots of premixed color on your pallet and as the wash is drying keep adding pigment to the still damp surface.
That is how I get smooth saturated color.

The Heron is placed to help the viewer move into the scene and guide the eye to the mountain.

photo 2 copy 2

The Tulip Fields are just starting to bloom in Oregon and Washington.
You can visit the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm outside Portland…
Address: 33814 S Meridian Rd, Woodburn, OR 97071

Or in Skagit Valley you have many sites to choose from. This one is very nice.
15867 Beaver Marsh Rd.  Mount Vernon, WA 98273

photo 4

Wishing all of my friends a very happy Tip-toe through the Tulips kind of day…
Be Froggy; Be Hoppy!

28You are welcome to use this new drawing to paint YOUR frog!

I have a How to Paint a Frog Video on You Tube…Check it out ..

Type in Youtube Search, “How to Paint Using Watercolor Techniques by Jody Bergsma, Frogs”

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