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“How to Paint a Happy Snowman”-A Bergsma Christmas Special and Upcoming Events.

Hello Friends!

Welcome to another painting class but first a little Bergsma News.
I want to CONGRATULATE Svetlana Metodieva on the Opening of her New Gallery “EXCLUSIVELY ART” in Factoria Mall, Bellevue.
I attended and signed, and of course had a great day with customers. John Ebner another well known Seattle Artist was there. She has a great display of BERGSMA Christmas items!

My next two Holiday Signings are at the Monroe Ben Franklin Nov. 17th 12 to 4pm. They are giving away a free print of mine with purchase!
And lastly; The Christmas Sale and New Art show at the Bergsma Warehouse in Bellingham Nov. 29-Dec 1st. 10 to 5pm. each day.

The Holiday is coming and I have a few specials for you…All the links are set up on the home page
 which you may access by clicking

Walgreens of Ferndale, and Anacortes also have cards and ornaments!

Now onto ART CLASS; The Fun of Painting Snow-People.
The first thing you need is to get in the mood.
How to paint Christmas before Halloween requires a moon shift.
For me, I play carols!
Then I begin to draw.

I believe in “QUICK THUMBNAIL” sketches. This style of fast sketching can put energy and emotion into your drawing!
I use tracing paper to work out object placement and an opportunity for sketch improvement. (See the growth of the design from the rough blue paper “Thumbnail.)
Did you notice the addition of detail in the clothing and the rabbit in the final drawing?

After the sketch is transferred to the Watercolor Paper I mix a series of colors.
(I don’t work out drawings on watercolor paper because erasing ruins the delicate fibers and I usually ERASE!:)
Here I have Cobalt, Green, Violet, Blue and Cerulean Blue. They are light mineral paints.

To create white you need very clean water.
I apply my water with a squirt bottle and get just the area I want to paint wet!


Add very small amounts of paint to the pre-wet area. Notice the pink cheeks on the snowman.

After the snow people are painted white I create the dark background. Can you spot the salt washes?
Always remember to paint light colors first.

Your next step will be to mix allot of interesting greens. I mix the reds last because they “RUN” the most.

COLOR is is the fun part…Colorful details are a must.

Did you know that red and green are opposite colors?
Artists know that when you place them next to each other they create a feeling of BRILLIANT contrast.

Finally you can add the details of white for the highlights, stars, snowflakes and bunny fur
with thick white titanium watercolor and a fine liner brush.
 Now you have a few tips on how to create a happy Snow-people painting of your own. Try this with kids over the Holiday and they will love it.
While painting snow try some salt washes.

(See the last two blogs for more details on Salt and watercolor paint.)

“Everything Comes Alive With the Joy of Christmas” is the title, written by FB Friend Kevin Gregory of Cave Creek Arizona. THANK YOU Kevin!

Fall is my favorite time of year. It passes by so fast and reminds me to make time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life
like walking my two whippets Leo and Divo in the leaves!

I hope you take some moments to make some lasting memories.

Wishing you the joys of EVERY season…:)

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