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Jody Meets Fairies-Tales-Art.Com

Jody Bergsma Fairies

This interview is about Jody Bergsma Fairies, how she draws and paints her wonderful fantasy art is waiting for you, and a great learning experience.

The soft colors and beautiful art is reflected in all of Jody’s paintings. She paints fairies, beautiful butterflies, birds, fairy tale characters all kinds of animals.

I also love Jody’s reflection of native art in a very unusual way, she tells stories with her artwork, tells the tale, makes legends into beautiful fairy tale illustrations.
The Interview

Me – First do you draw in pencil before you begin your paintings?

Jody – Yes, I do several sketches …I start with thumbnails (small quick drawings)and then move onto larger finer renditions…then when I am satisfied I draw it for the last time on the watercolor paper on a light table.

Me – I understand you are primarily a watercolor artist – have you ever tried any other mediums?

Jody – I have focused on watercolors…but also enjoy oils.

Me – When you are starting a drawing or painting, do you ever have that doubtful feeling? – How would you explain the mindset that makes you push through to completion?

Jody – I have a rule…If you don’t love the drawing…most likely you will not enjoy painting the image…So…keep drawing until you LOVE it!

Me – What major things have you noticed about your own work as you have progressed?

Jody – You always get better. You always change.

Me – Suppose someone has the urge to draw an unusual fairy or fantasy creature? Any advice?

Jody – The most believable and charming fantasy characters use elements from real creatures. Any combination can work!

Me – As a self-taught artist are there any lessons or instructions that you used to begin your artistic career?

Jody – Paint one painting a day… was my first goal when I was 15. Creating a large portfolio takes time…Dedicate yourself to your dream and practice!

Me – What would you recommend to someone who thinks they cannot draw?

Jody – Everyone can draw…Start with simple things like an egg…and congratulate yourself with every win!

Me – Can you describe how your drawing and painting style developed – and why the beautiful dream keepers creatures, the wonderful aboriginal styles you create?

Jody – When I was a child my interests were simple…thus the dream keepers…When I started traveling everything was fascinating to me. I wanted to learn more…and I have found that if you are really excited about your ideas…it is more FUN to create them in art.

“Happiness is actually the fuel of success in any endeavor…so love what you do.”

 Me – A lot of artists I have talked to like to work at night – when is your favorite time to work?

 Jody – For many years I would get up at 4.00 A.M. and start painting…by noon I would have put in an 8 hour day. I still prefer the early mornings…but not that early:) My work is better when I am not disturbed too much.

Me – Do you use an eraser? Some artists say they never erase…. boy I sure do…

Jody – LOOVVEE erasers!

Me – When you begin your drawings or paintings, do you do a loose gesture-drawing kind of outline, or start with sort of building blocks?

Jody – I swear by quick thumbnails! Circles and squiggles are the norm.

 Me – What is your favorite part of the work? Some people like the sketching, some applying the color, some prefer the final shading.

Jody – I love it all!

Barbara Cederberg’s Editorial

Jody’s interview has really inspired me, and backed up many of things that I believe about happiness and positive action.

She is obviously a spiritual individual who draws and paints exactly what she wants to…this is what creates her success.

There is so much in her interview that can teach and help each artist to grow.

You have to check out all of her wonderful work. Jody has an enormous portfolio.

Samples Of Jody’s Current Work

This charming Fairy with a Unicorn

This Fairy In an Ice World

Jody Bergsma's Wishing You Peace In The Season Of Wonder

Lovely Fairy Riding a Butterfly… Gorgeous

Jody Bergsma's Chrysalis
Visit – Fairies-Tales-Art.Com

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