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New Watercolors and Oils By Jody, Yearly Event and SALE! December 5-7.

Dear Friends and Associates,

I am continually delighted by our natural world and even more delighted to paint it.
 My mother loved this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson …
“Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful;
for beauty is God’s handwriting in the world…”  

Here are a few things I found worthy to paint.

But First Some BERGSMA NEWS…
The Annual Fall Show and Holiday Sale is Dec. 5-7.
I will be there Thursday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.


 I look forward to our Holiday event because it means I get to see so many of you again
and share a years worth of painting and inspiration. ( A little “refreshments” and cookies too;)

There are going to be some great specials…check the website for some hints!
NEW… Puzzles, Holiday Cards, Art Cards, Fleece, Paintings and Prints and lots of things on SALE!

Art Tips for this weeks blog…

photo 3

I am often asked about my favorite art supplies.
I use the above mix of brushes to create my watercolors.
If you are thinking of buying some things for a painter in your life…Keep this list handy.
1/4, 1/2, 1″ Flat. 0 and 2 Round. 0 and 2 Liner… Princeton Brushes are a GREAT value.

Painting Class…

When you paint designing is always the first stage.
For this image the 5 kinds of returning salmon create the focal point. This took allot of study.

photo 5

Remember to mix and save a palette of color before you begin.
 Know what your opposites are!
Can you tell me the opposite colors in this painting?
Van Gogh said that discovering the power of opposite colors changes his painting from good to great.
This is a link to my video…The Color-wheel.


“We Always Find our Way Home.”
The Salmon run back to the place of their origin to spawn, die and start a new life cycle.


“Puffin with love for each Otter”.
 Seeing them in the wild is a testament to the effort of conservation groups.
At one time there was only 1000. Today there are estimated to be approximately 150,000!


“Running by the light of the Raven.”
The wolf and the raven have a rare symbiotic relationship in the wild that helps both survive.
Meaning…Friendship makes us stronger.

904 copy

“Spirit Journey.” The Coast Salish People all share two over-lighting Clan Totems; the Eagle and the Raven.


“You Lift Me Up”. Black bear cubs in the spring are the original Winnie the Pooh
in a never ending search for the honey of life!


“Night Watch”. Owls are the totem of the wise.

photo 2

I have a weak spot for horses. I have painted several new ones.
There are three colors in this painting. Gold, blue and burnt sienna.
For your own practice try using just those colors to make “50 shades of” gray.

Can you see the opposite colors? What are they?

photo 3 copy 2

“Inherit the Wind.”

901 copy 3

“Kindred Spirits”.


Unicorns are fantasy horses…with a lot of meaning behind them.


Here is what I researched and wrote for the back of this new Greeting Card…

The Unicorn has existed in human myths for centuries.
In the orient the Unicorn was called a Kiren, was peaceful and thought to bring good luck.
In the Bible the Unicorn was known as Re’em and was described by the Greek historian Ctesias as horse like,
with a white body, deep blue eyes, and a long horn in the middle of their foreheads.

The Unicorn in the West has the attributes of purity and innocence.
They are said to help you make your dreams come true and is the restorer of broken spirits.
They have a deep connection to the Forest and Fairy People.
Those that have an affinity with Unicorns can develop amazing personal power,
even enough to affect the weather.
Because the horn is said to be able to heal and neutralize poisons
the Unicorn has been a favored totem for all gentle souls who hope to give care in this world.


I enjoy fantasy because it gives artists an opportunity to dive into the rich world of imagination.
You also can use great colors! “Long live Magic”.
 Here is the link to the new Originals…



Dragons have always had a place in my imagination.


“Let Dreams Live.”

For my personal expression I decided to turn my oil painting in a new direction.
Impressions of animals in  bold colors and painterly style will be part of the fall show.


Painting on a red background gives drama to the animal.

photo 4

Can you see where the orange shines through? Can you see the opposite colors?

photo 5 copy

This Eagle was also painted on red-orange. There will be 8 new Animal and scenic oils at the show. I would love for you to come see them!


I was commissioned this year to do 4 new paintings for SeaWorld. Polar bear, Dolphin, Orca and Penguins!

910RevisedForUs copy

Year in review…It makes me wonder when I got all of these and more completed.
There is a saying that if you love your job then you never work a day in your life…this is true for me.

For daily details please check it out for inspirations and painting updates from my desk if you are interested.

Besides all of the painting there is printing, research, product development and sales that keep me busy and happy.

photo_2 copy

A special Thank you to my great Business partner “Lithtex” printers in Bellingham Wa. Cards…Proud to be made in the USA. (Each card has a special backing that talks about the painting.)

I want to thank all of you for your support and wish you a Beautiful Holiday Season and if God is willing…
I hope to see you again soon.

Love, Jody




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