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The Meaning of Color… and What Color Says About You.

Dear Friends and Associates,

Have you ever wondered about the significance of color?
Why do you love one and dislike another?
Why some make you happy and others make you uneasy?
And for painters and artists, do you consider this when creating your palette…

Are the colors you choose for your paintings in harmony with the meaning of your drawing?

In this blog I would like to discuss this mysterious subject.

First I wanted to do a little research. I asked my Face Book friends what their favorite colors were from the color wheel below and received more than 500 votes. Which one’s do you think were the winners?

What are your favorites? Below you can see the responses of the Face Book voters.
There were also a few additional colors that people mentioned that were not in the wheel like dark green, indigo, black, brown and pink.

By now you probably have your favorite colors in mind… cobalt blue and orange have always been mine.
Lets see what the colors you love say about you, your world and your character.

Color influences our emotions, our actions and how we respond to people, things and ideas.
Much has been studied and written about color and its impact on our state of mind and our daily lives.
Below are some of the personal characteristics attributed to certain colors.

Will, Energy, Action, Confidence, Courage, Vitality, Beginnings, Leadership, Masculinity, Appetite and Zest for Living.

Universal Love, Joy, Romance, Self Worth, Protection, Caring, Acceptance, Gratitude, Appreciation, Fun, Exciting, Youthful.

Enthusiasm, Happiness, Creativity, Sincerity, Luck, Passion, Survival, Sexuality, Nurturing and Caregiving.

Manifestation, Prosperity, Wisdom, Play, Joy, Happiness, Intellectual Energy, Sense of Self and The Will to Get Things Done.

The Color of New life, Compassion,The Rising Green dragon, Abundance and Spring, Self Respect, Expansion and Increase.

Balance, Master Healer, Heart Wisdom, Enlightenment, Love, Nature , Fertility, Life, Attraction of Money. (Green is the center of the rainbow is very balanced and activates heart energy and wellbeing.)

Aqua Blue;
High Ideals, Calming, Healing, Refreshing, Soothing, Mental Peace, Youth, Fidelity, Hope, Divine Balance, Angels, Comfort and Rest. (Aqua and Turquoise activate the immune system.)

Refreshing, Sophistication, Communication, Health, Protection, Confidence, Strength, Soothing, Dreams, Movement, Water.


Power, Intention, Communication, Creation, Will, Cleanliness, Harmony, Loyalty, Dependability, Wisdom, Royalty. (Cobalt Blues activate inner vision and mental capacity while lighter blues create better communication.)

Wisdom, Self Mastery, Spiritual Realization, Good Judgement, Life Purpose and Connection to the Divine.


Note…Purples and Violets were the most popular colorsĀ  this year. The last time I did color research (2010) Blue was the most popular.

Grace, Elegance, Refinement, Wellness, Delicateness, Uniqueness and Romance.

If this year you would like to increase an energy in your world try adding one of the colors that describes what you want more of. Better yet, create some art from the color traits you desire!
And most all…have some fun.
Color is the best antidepressant of all! (Especially Orange;)

Wishing you Happiness and “ALL” the Colors of Life!

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